Eat To Eat Charter :

Attention: Temporary and exceptional deviation:

As a deviation to the General Conditions and Terms of Service of the Eat To Eat application, restaurants are exceptionally granted access to the Eat To Eat platform due to the current restrictions for a limited amount of time.

When registering at the EAT TO EAT website, I will agree to:

Be a chef (from time to time), which means

Only prepare ‘homemade’ dishes prepared with passion

Sell my dishes from time to time

In any case, be a chefby trade

Not having an operating licence in the CATERING sector, or a licence to sell strong alcoholic drinks

Register myself for every organisation that I’m obliged to register for by the laws and conditions set by the country that I’m operating from, so I can be recognised as an Eat To Eat Chef.

Develop a relationship of trust with my buyers, aimed at the long-term

Respect my obligations (quantities, schedules)

Ask for a fair price

Quickly and safely prepare homemade dishes, i.e.:

Cook using fresh and good quality products

Respect the different food’s storage temperatures

Practice impeccable personal hygiene to limit any risk of food contamination as much as possible

Make sure my personal kitchen is maintained in an orderly and clean manner

Organise the general order and hygienic storage of waste

Prevent any health hazard or any source of contamination from entering and possibly interfering with the food

Only cook using drinking water

Provide as much useful information in the description of the proposed dish as possible.