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    Do you love preparing good meals?
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    Then you’d make an ideal Eat to Eat chef!
    And your delicious homemade preparations
    will sell like hot cakes.
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    Do you like inviting people round
    and do you think there is nothing quite
    like sharing a meal around the table?

We have the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your neighbourhood.

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Offer your homemade meals to everyone in your vicinity and enjoy good food, together! It’s completely up to you to see how many people you can fit around your table.

Snap a couple of great pictures of your dining room, pick the days you would like to host and offer your very own menu at a fair price... You'll have a full house before you know it!

Experience great moments with good company using the Eat To Eat Guest Table, and earn some money in the meantime! Do you love good food and fascinating conversation? The Guest Table is the way to go!