How do you complete your profile?

My portrait : Take a selfie to introduce yourself to your buyers, don't forget to smile!
My kitchen : Take a nice picture or record a short video of your kitchen. Assure your buyers that you prepare your dishes under the best possible circumstances.
My culinary experience : It’s important to let your customers know what your specialities are, what you’re good at.
For example: My name is Julie, I love pasta and besides that I regularly create new, completely vegetarian recipes which my all my friends love.

Prepare seasonal dishes

Give your recipes a name
Provide a detailed description of the products and ingredients you’re using, for example whether the origin of your products is organic and/or local
Provide details of any possible intolerances (gluten, etc.)
Prepare a culinary programme to entice your buyers

Sell ​​your homemade dishes

Take a picture or a short video of your dishes: use your smartphone and remember: great content attracts more buyers!
Describe the portion size of your dish
Price your dish reasonably
Please remember to take the Eat To Eat fee into account.
The fee is 20% of the amount the buyer pays for your dish
So if you estimate your dish is going to cost €10, you will need to sell it for €12 ...
It goes without saying that you will receive your €10 through your personal account through a safe and guaranteed transaction
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